“As mayor, I will work to ensure that all South Bend residents have a voice in our city government. Together, we can build a more just and equitable future for our city.”

    Regina Williams-Preston

Education: The future we build for South Bend will be built in South Bend schools.

Diversity - Together we will continue to build the strong, diverse and vibrant neighborhoods that are the foundation of strong schools.

Equity - An equitable distribution of resources ensures ALL students succeed in every school.

Support - Strong schools build a strong workforce with the sustainable wages needed to raise strong and healthy families.  

Justice: A restorative approach to reducing violence in South Bend.

Making South Bend a safer city for everyone must be a collaborative and inclusive process.


  • We must strengthen compassionate intervention programs to reduce and prevent gun violence.

  • We must devote more resources to domestic violence awareness and prevention programs in the city government and police department.

  • We must provide more resources and training for our police officers to provide them with the tools for tackling 21st century policing. I believe in the potential of community policing to make our neighborhoods safer places to live. We should build on the progress that the police department has made in the past few years.

Equality: Everyone who works in this city should be able to earn a living for themselves and their families. No exceptions.  

Over half of our working population is living paycheck to paycheck. As our city grows, wages have to grow with it.

We have to lift up ALL of our residents. Our priorities are:

  • Bring jobs with sustainable wages to South Bend so everyone has equal access and equal opportunities to succeed.  

  • Support small businesses that help provide clear community benefits for all our communities.

  • Make sure everyone--no matter where they live, what they do, or who they are--can afford to keep their homes and support their families.  

  • Work with community development organizations to construct more affordable housing to support diverse neighborhoods.


Together, we can make South Bend a prosperous city for all our communities and all our residents.

Community: Strong neighborhoods are diverse, inclusive, and affordable.

We will promote thriving South Bend neighborhoods and prevent problems before they start. Diverse and inclusive places to live strengthen the bonds of our community, and it is our responsibility as city leaders to make those places affordable to live in.

Support mixed-income neighborhoods by fostering more affordable housing and mixed-income housing developments.
Strengthen existing city programs that help keep historic residents in their homes and fight gentrification.
Work with banks and credit unions to develop financial literacy programs to open up economic opportunity and homeownership to new people.

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